my patch

One time my design was chosen for the local Brownie Day patch. Two images (ballet slippers and drama masks) drawn by the girl next to me (the girl with actual pigment in her hair) were added to my design.


At the Brownie Day opening ceremony, we were given these framed patches. I’ve moved this with me from dorm to dorm to apartment to apartment to house to house and across the country where I lost track of it.

Then I was clearing out most of my storage last spring and saw it in a box, so I gently put it in my passenger seat and went back to going through my junk. At some point I found a mini cassette recorder that I used to use to record story ideas during rush hour. Excited that this artifact had survived the move, I gleefully tossed it into the car. Then there was a loud crunch. You can figure out the rest.

Photo on 2013-09-14 at 00.38

Our “neighborhood” within the San Jacinto Council was Singing Pines. The theme was the arts. Pretty sure I was the first girl to actually get singing pines on a Singing Pines patch. I’m not clever. I go for the obvious. It worked for me that time.


Excited to have this picture back of my grandpa out picking cotton in the 1930s.

Scrawled on the back in pencil it says “Rows to go. But oh so slow. Don’t he look lazy?”

Nancy Mitford vs. oatmeal